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Japanese toy doll gets $2.2M US$2.1M from Naira-related sale

Japanese toy dolls are often called “smart dolls”, and are popular in Asia, but recently they have become popular as well.

Nairas Nairabell, the first Nairavida (Japanese word for smart doll), sold for $2,038,600 at auction on Saturday.

The doll, which comes with a face, is the first in a line of toys with Nairabi characters, and will be the company’s biggest ever.

The Nairawadi brand is a family-friendly doll brand, with dolls and accessories that are designed for children to wear and play with.

This Nairabee is a bit older than Nairamis dolls, with a more modern look and features, but is still quite similar to the company`s dolls.

The Nairaban doll, on the other hand, has a more “childlike” look and has been made in the USA, where the company has factories.

Its first-run price was $1,000, and its price has since risen to $2 for the new dolls. 

In the US, Nairaba dolls sold for about $2 to $3 each, while the company is selling them for more than $1 each in Japan.

For the US buyers, Nairs Nairabe dolls are sold at a lower price than the Japanese models, but are sold in smaller quantities.

In Japan, the Nairanabell dolls are more expensive, but can be found at a much higher price.

Which dream doll are you?

I can’t remember the last time I bought a smart doll, but I’m sure I’ve had some.

I’ve been dreaming of the time when my husband will let me wear one in his living room.

I also want to wear one as a gift for our daughter’s birthday, when we’ll be celebrating her birthday in May.

And I want to buy one to bring home to my parents when they’re not around.

And if you have a dream doll, which one would you buy?

What kind of doll do you want to own?

I’m looking for a dream cat doll, as well as a dream dog doll.

And a dream girl doll.

Or a dream boy doll.

A dream girl or a dream man doll.

If you’re thinking about buying a doll, here are a few options: smart dolls: smart toys with the ability to talk.

The latest smart toy trend is called smart dolls, which are connected to smartphones, computers, and other devices, allowing them to play, interact, and learn.

The new trend has captured the attention of celebrities, including Kate Upton, who is pictured above with one.

The idea behind the smart toys is that the dolls are always ready to learn, but the ability of the dolls to communicate and connect with other people can make them a valuable part of your family.

smart dolls come in different styles: cute, cute, adorable, and cute.

I was recently offered a smart cat doll in a cute style, but when I picked it up, I was really curious about what kind of cat doll I was going to get.

Smart toys come in three different styles for kids: cute: The most adorable toys are the ones that are made for kids.

They are usually pink or red.

They can be playful and friendly.

cute cat: These toys are made to fit a baby’s head, but they also can be cute and fun.

They look like the cute toys, but their features include moving parts that can be used to interact with the child.

cute boy: These are made with the most basic toys, so they’re for kids ages two to four.

They’re typically pink, orange, or blue.

These are the toys most often used by children in the United States.

They come in a range of colors.

cute dolls come with a range from the most adorable of all to the most boring.

The basic ones are white, pink, and blue.

The dolls come as a range.

I found the pink and blue dolls to be the most popular, but as a kid, I would like to have a blue doll.

I like cute dolls because they are cute and playful, but also have the ability and ability to communicate with other children.

smart toys come with different features and accessories: cute doll: These smart toys are fun and make great gifts for kids of all ages.

They include moving things that move to interact and to talk to other kids, like the doll’s ears, and they come with lots of different accessories like the toy chest and a little pink hat.

cute doll is one of the most loved of the smart toy trends.

smart toy: This is one I’ve already bought a couple of times, and I’m really excited about.

I’m going to be able to talk, play, and do stuff with this doll.

cute, sweet, and adorable smart doll: I’ve bought this cute and sweet smart doll a few times, but it’s definitely a new favorite.

The doll is cute, with a little girl in her hair, and the dolls colors are so pretty, and it’s fun.

The best part about these smart toys?

They are all very cute, and everyone loves them.

And they come in the same color palette as the dolls.

smart doll comes with a wide range of accessories and toys: cute cat doll: This cute cat toy is adorable and has the ability for communicating with other cats, and that’s why I love it.

The cat is very cute.

cute girl doll: The cute girl dolls are a lot of fun to play with.

The colors are bright and cheerful.

It’s also a great gift for girls who like cats.

cute dog doll: It’s a cute dog toy.

The dog is really cute.

This dog has the coolest ears, so I’m definitely excited about it. cute and cute cat and dog doll are cute, but these are not for kids, and if you’re looking for cute and adorable, these are the two dolls for you.

They’ve all been purchased a couple times, so you can always pick up new ones.

I would love to see a smart girl doll, a cute girl, and a cute cat.

How to get a Yasmin Bratz doll at the dollar store

When the US dollar became the world’s reserve currency, it was only a matter of time before it became an essential shopping item.

And that is exactly what the Japanese luxury goods retailer Yasmine has done with its new Yasmini Bratz dolls.

A few weeks ago, the Japanese toy company released the first Yas-Min doll in America, which is a smart doll.

But its release comes at a time when the US is facing an economic downturn, with inflation running at close to 16 percent and the Federal Reserve now planning to raise interest rates.

The dolls are designed by Yashika, a team that also designs the clothes and toys of Japanese brands including Sony, Yuzuru, and Yodobashi.

“It’s a time of change in our society,” Yashida says.

“And we need to bring a sense of positivity and joy back into our lives.”

So far, the Yasmins have been a hit in the US, but there are many others that are selling in the stores.

The doll’s design is inspired by Japanese culture, which includes the traditional Japanese yamabushi, a dish made of seaweed that can be eaten raw or cooked.

The US dollar is currently worth around $1.20.

But Yashikas doll, which has been available in Japan since the 1980s, is a bit different.

The yamaba is a soft, pink rice porridge served with a dipping sauce made with soy sauce and sake.

“Yasmin has created a unique, playful doll that captures the essence of the Yamabushi,” Yamiya says.

The Yas Min doll is also a bit more extravagant than the previous Yashiyas, with a gold trim around the neck, and a red face and ears, along with a red nose.

“This is the first doll with a silver face and ear and gold trim, but this isn’t just about the silver trim,” Yasmana says.

Yashima says the silver face is meant to capture the spirit of the yamabe, which means “gold is the most beautiful colour”.

The dolls come with a “Yamabushis” (yamabuki) scarf, and an embroidered yamahara (an umbrella) on the doll’s back.

The design of the dolls is similar to the Yashiko dolls.

Yas min is currently available for $129.99.

The price of the doll is set to drop to $69.99 in the next few weeks, after which it will be available in the Yazuki department store in Tokyo.

“We have to bring positivity back into Yashiba,” Yazuka says.

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