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Lucy Doll to be the first transgender doll to hit the US market

The first transgender Barbie doll is set to hit shelves this month in the US.

Lucy Doll, a doll of blonde hair, blue eyes and a red nose, was created by the creators of Barbie, Inc. in 2015.

The doll is available for pre-order now in the United States and Canada and is priced at $50, a fraction of what the average US doll costs.

Lucy Doll is the latest in a series of transgender dolls, which are designed to reflect the range of gender identities people who are transgender experience, including people of all ages.

In October, the doll of a transgender woman was launched in the UK, which the company said “was a bold step for a transgender doll.

Lucy was a natural fit for a doll that’s been made for trans women, and a natural progression for a trans doll,” the company told The Telegraph in October.

“We are delighted to welcome Lucy to the UK.

It’s exciting to be working with a brand that celebrates trans women and our shared history.”

In November, a Barbie doll of transgender female character, “Mia,” was released.

It is the first gender-neutral doll to be released in the U.S. Lucy doll, a male doll, is not the first doll to target transgender people, but it is the most recent one.

On December 13, the company unveiled a transgender model called “Lilly,” which is designed to represent the range and diversity of gender identity.

The doll is $100, a far cry from the $75 average for a Barbie.

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