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LOL surprise dolls are coming soon: Fits into all sizes

The doll, named LOL, was designed by a designer from the Philippines named Piotr Balski, who also worked on the original Hello Kitty.

The new LOL doll is set to hit shelves this month, with a price tag of $79.99, the Financial Post reported.

It will be made of 100 per cent PVC with an adjustable strap, making it a wearable doll for those who want something cute and cute.

The doll has a black face, white hair, white eyes and a small blue eyeshadow.

It comes with an 8cm wide mouth and an 8.5cm long tongue.

It’s also made from PVC and comes with a plastic backpack that can fit the doll into a backpack.

The toy has a soft rubber tail, a small face, a pink heart and a blue heart.

The toy is also designed to be easily cleaned, and there’s a removable battery, according to the Financial Review.

Piotr told the Financial Times that he wanted the doll to look cute for the doll lovers who love the quirky dolls.

“I love the toys and I want them to look like they have a cute personality,” he said.

Pritr’s daughter, Lulu, who designed the doll with him, said that the doll will be more of a product for the average person.

“There are so many people who are looking for something that is cute and unique.

The doll is more for the more mature audience, the more grown up audience,” she said.

The product has been praised for its versatility and is expected to be an instant hit, according the Financial Examiner.

“If you want something that has a personality, the LOL doll fits in all sizes and looks good in all of them.

It’s very comfortable and can easily be carried,” said Pritr.

The Lulu Balsky-designed LOL doll was inspired by Hello Kitty, a Japanese cat who lives in the Philippines and has a penchant for quirky dolls and accessories.

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