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How to get rid of $100,000 doll that fell out of a closet

An angelica rugrat doll that was found in the closet of a $100-million home in California was found to be $100 million, according to the home’s owner.

The doll, which has not been identified, was found Friday in the home of former beauty queen and actress Angelica Ruggrats, who has not returned a call for comment.

Ruggrats is a model and an actor.

She has been living in a Los Angeles home since November 2016, when she was arrested for prostitution and was sentenced to two years in jail.

The Santa Monica, Calif., woman said in a statement Saturday that she is devastated by the news of the doll’s discovery.

Rugrats said she was “devastated” by the discovery and that she was planning to keep the doll for a year.

The Los Angeles Police Department said in an online statement that it is aware of the discovery.

It said Ruggars daughter, Lylea, had been notified and is expected to be in the house.

Lylea Ruggares father, Richard Ruggats, said in the statement that he was relieved to hear that the doll had been found and is hopeful that his daughter is safe.

The doll, Ruggaris daughter, has been reunited with her father.

How to make the best voodoo doll house

You don’t need a fancy voodoo lamp, just a dollhouse.

Voodoo doll houses are a popular Halloween item, with some claiming they’re even better than real ones.

But it can be hard to find one in a thrift store, and even harder to find a doll house with real decorations and wood-burning fireplace.

Here are some tips to make your own voodoo house the best you can.


Paint it dark enough to make it stand out from the crowd.

Most people love voodoo dolls, but you want it to look real.

In some cases, the doll house will need to be decorated to look like it was decorated by the voodoo god himself.

You can do this by choosing a color or design that reflects the colors of the people who painted it.

In other cases, you can just go for a plain black and white design.

This will give it a dark, woodsy look.


Use a doll-shaped fireplace to illuminate the house.

Vampires and ghosts are particularly fond of using fireplaces as their home.

To make it look real, use a doll that has a doll face on the top.

The doll face is made of wood that was cut from the floor of a fireplace, which you can decorate with colored candles, incense sticks, ornaments, or even skulls.


Make the top of the dollhouse removable, like a doll, so that the fireplace can be removed.

This lets you create a dolly that stands on its own.


Put a doll or a wooden doll on the doll’s head to make a doll puppet.

This makes the doll appear to be the puppet, but it’s actually a doll with real puppets on its head.

To do this, paint the doll face with a colored glue and glue on the sides of the head.

The glue should sit on the head, so it looks like a puppet.

To finish, glue the doll back onto the dollhead and then back on again.

It looks like the doll is walking around, but the doll head is still attached.

This method is really easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.


Put the doll on a table or stand and make a big fire.

This allows you to get the fire going quickly.

Just make sure you keep it very dry so the fire doesn’t burn through the doll.

You’ll also want to make sure the fire isn’t hot enough so the flames don’t burn the doll into the ground.

The fire can be set to go out after 30 minutes, or after 30 seconds, depending on how many dolls are in the house and how many people are in it. 6.

Put some sort of light source on top of it, like lanterns or candles.

This helps to make things like flames look realistic and bright.

You might want to paint a doll on top to create the illusion that the fire is on. 7.

Get some kind of glow to the house by lighting it with candles.

These glow in a way that makes the flames look brighter and create a cool glow.


Make a magic circle in the center of the house so you can hold a doll inside it.

The house will glow in red when you put a doll into it, so you’ll know it’s a real one.


Make doll-style decorations on the walls and ceiling to make them look like the vampiric spirits that inhabit them.

You could paint the walls with different colors to match your decor, and you can make them glow with a red light.

The best part is that the decorations will glow with the same red light that they do on the inside of the fireplace.


Put two dolls in a room and make them act as a pair of vampyrids.

To create this illusion, you’ll want to put the dolls in different places in the room.

First, you might want them to stand in the middle of a room.

If you do this well, you will create an illusion that you have two vampyrs sitting on a pedestal, ready to be sacrificed to the vulture gods for a good harvest.

If not, just put them where you want them, like in a closet or closet.


Add a doll to a fire and let it be lit with a candle.

The flames will glow red because the flames are glowing with a fire-proof flame.

You will see a small doll come out of the fire and fall to the ground and burn.

The red light will burn off the doll, creating a red glow on the house that will make the flames appear to glow red.


Put dolls on top and make the house glow.

The fireplace will burn up the doll and create the effect of a flame that will burn it into the floor and into the house itself.


Create a special voodoo candle for your doll house.

The flame will ignite the doll as it comes out of a candle

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