When you are in a position of power, how do you stay classy?

The peso is now trading at over 100.6 per dollar.

It is now down around 3% in 2016.

But it is up over 20% in 2017, and up nearly 8% in 2018.

The peso was trading at just under 105 per dollar in mid-2017.

At the time, it was trading above 70, and was trading around 110 per dollar today.

That was a huge gain from the peso’s rally to the US$1.8 million level in January. 

The pesos gains were fuelled by the Chinese economy, which was experiencing a huge economic slowdown.

China has been the biggest investor in the pesos market. 

In fact, it is now the third-largest investor, behind the US and Canada.

It’s no surprise that the Chinese are buying back the pesado.

China bought nearly 4.5 billion pesos worth of the pesano in 2015, and they have been buying back that same amount of pesos for nearly a year now.

China has become the largest holder of the US dollar in the world.

But in 2018, it overtook the US as the largest buyer of the dollar.

There have been several moves by China to make it more attractive to buy pesos in recent months.

It has started selling dollars directly to the Chinese market.

It also began allowing Chinese buyers to use its own currency for purchases.

A key point to keep in mind with all this is that China has no intention of becoming a real currency in the near future.

The country is going to keep buying dollars and pesos until it can’t even buy dollars anymore.

When you are at the top of the world, you can afford to be classy. 

If you are worried about the pesas going to go back to their former high, you have nothing to worry about.

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