When I was a kid, I loved dolls

The family owned and operated a doll house and doll market.

We were lucky to have all these wonderful dolls in our house, and the dolls were just so darn cute.

We sold them all, and that was our hobby.

We never bought any fancy toys or anything.

We just did what we loved to do and we enjoyed ourselves, we didn’t care what anyone else did.

We would sell a few dolls and then just keep selling, but I can remember one time, I just loved my dolls.

My dad took me out to a local toy store and said ‘I want to give you a doll’ and then I just fell in love with it.

I wanted it for a whole year and then one day my dad told me that he wanted to give it to me.

I just said ‘yes’.

I don’t think I ever wanted to have a toy that I didn’t love, and I really love dolls.

But my mother would never let me have one.

I’ve got that story from when I was five years old, so I don´t want to go into too much detail.

I remember my dad telling me ‘give me a doll for a year and you will love it’.

And I was just so happy that he said that.

So I think I just love dolls and it was just the right time for me to start doing that.

I would sit there and play with them all day, just sit on them, and have fun with them, because I loved the dolls.

When I got older I was always very creative and would have fun.

I started making my own dolls, and it really took off, and then when I went to university, I was in a full-time job.

I was able to go out and buy and sell dolls, so it was really nice.

But I wasn’t going to have any dolls until I was 35, because then I was going to be a mother.

And when I got married, I couldn’t have a single doll because I wanted my kids to grow up with dolls.

It was the only time in my life I wanted to be alone with a doll.

I love dolls because they’re my childhood toy, and they’re the things that really shaped me.

But that was a long time ago, and now I’m so lucky to be alive, so to have that opportunity to do it, and not be burdened with one, I really do love dolls, but at the same time, you can always use other things to have fun, to play with.

I think my dad always loved me.

He would tell me when I had a big day or when I didn´t have any shopping to do, he’d go and visit and watch the kids, and he would just tell me ‘you should have a little bit of time with your dolls’ because he would always be so happy when I’d come home from work and he was playing with my dolls or I was taking my doll to the store and he’d say ‘you really should go out shopping for your dolls’.

I was very lucky that I got my dad to love me, because he was a wonderful dad and always loved to see me happy.

He had a very big house and he had his favourite toys and he loved his dolls, he would play with my mother and then he would go and have a snack or he would get dressed up for dinner and I would just sit there, just enjoy his company, and talk to him about things, and we would always have fun together.

My father was very strict about not talking to anybody else, and if he did have a problem he would sit down with me and tell me what he was going through.

And so, we were very close, but he would talk to my mum and my sisters, and say ‘I know I should have had a doll that was nicer than you’, and so I’d just sit in that room and he wouldn’t let me in because he wanted me to be happy and happy.

I think that’s the biggest thing I love about dolls, is that they always have me.

My dad was a great father.

He had a great love for his children, he loved them very much, and so he wanted them to be able to have their own little doll.

So, I would see him every day when I could and he made sure that I was happy and healthy, so that they were happy, and healthy.

And then he made them go to school with me, so they could do their homework.

And my brother, who is now about seven years old and who I used to call Dad, would just go to his dad and just do his homework.

My mum would have him watch him play and make sure he was getting his homework done, so he was always having fun with him.

He was just a great man.

I’m lucky to call him my brother.

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