What do the new Apple Watch Series 3 and the next generation iPhone SE have in common?

The iPhone SE’s new Apple Watches are bigger, and the Apple Watch Sport’s is even bigger.

But they’re both slightly different. 

What does a bigger iPhone SE mean for your iPhone?

We took a closer look at the new iPhones and the new smartwatches.

Read moreApple Watch Series 1: the big, bold watch with a bigger screenThe Apple Watch series 1 was the first time we saw the Apple Watts with a 4:3 screen.

They were very much the first Apple Watch with a full-size OLED screen, though Apple did add a touch-sensitive display back in 2016. 

Read moreA 4:2 screen on an Apple Watch is still technically a screen with a 5-inch display, and we’re not sure what that means for the Apple watches overall size.

It’s certainly not the same size as a 4.7-inch iPhone SE or 4.5-inch Apple Watch 3, though. 

The bigger screen has two things going for it.

First, it gives the watch an even bigger screen, up to 9.8 inches.

It also means that it’s much easier to hold. 

Second, the larger screen means that the display can be more comfortable to wear, and it’s definitely easier to read on the larger watch.

We’re still not sure how this works, but we think that Apple is hoping to keep the display size a small one, as the Apple watch is generally less comfortable to hold than the iPhone SE.

We also saw the new watches with 4:1 screens, so that’s another good reason to get one of these new iPhones.

The new Apple watches are also bigger than the previous models.

The new Series 1 was slightly smaller than the Series 3, and Series 2 is slightly bigger than Series 3.

The Series 3 has a 5.5mm headphone jack, but it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

The Series 2 has a headphone port on the right side of the display, while the Series 2+ has one on the bottom.

The iPhone SE has a full 5.8mm headphone port.

The Apple watch series 3 is much smaller than its predecessor, the Series 1.

It has a 6.3mm headphone plug on the back of the watch, but the Series 4 has a larger, 4.3-inch headphone jack on the front. 

We also noticed that the Series 5, which was introduced last year, has a thinner bezel, which might be to make up for the bezel’s size.

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