How to Get the Real Annabelle Dolla for Dummies

Daughters of Dolla Dolla, who are famous for their dolls that they sell at thrift stores, have come out with a doll that’s a replica of their real doll.

This doll, which is called Annabel Le Dolla and is priced at $4.95, is designed to look like the real doll with a removable face.

The doll was designed to be used by parents who want to get their children to take dolls apart, to take them out of their boxes and play with them, but it doesn’t look like they are actually getting their dolls apart.

This is because the dolls have been made to look very similar to their real Dolla doll.

The dolls have a few differences though, including that they have been specially made with the exact same materials and have been coated with silicone.

The real doll is the doll of a mother who was born in the early 1950s.

She was born with a brain tumor and her body is now functioning better, according to her website.

The new doll, like the original, will not have the tumor.

There are also some subtle differences, like that there is a doll face on the doll that is not on the real Dollas.

If you’re a doll aficionado, you will love this doll.

If your doll is too young to play with, then the doll is not for you.

If the doll looks too young, it may be too old for you, according the company.

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