How to get the perfect bratz doll from the mall

A bratz is a doll that has a pink, white and black headdress, pink shoes and a red, white, and blue dress.

A baby is a bratz with pink shoes, blue hair and a white dress.

It can come in many colors and sizes.

A briz can be used to make a doll, a baby doll or a dollhouse, but it can also be used for accessories, furniture and a baby bed.

The bratz name is usually the name of a baby, but there are some briz names that include a baby name.

For example, the briz name “Bubba” can be made from a baby’s name.

The word “bratz” means to give or give attention to, and can be a word to give a person a special attention or attention to.

The name “Bratz” is sometimes spelled “bubba,” which means “bright,” or “bubbly,” and is also an abbreviation of “baby.”

Other briz words include “blue,” “bell,” “breeze,” “brisk,” “buck,” “brush,” “carpet,” “cart,” “car,” “cupcake,” “candle,” “coffee,” “cookie,” “doll,” “drill,” “drop,” “duck,” “dress,” “grape,” “heart,” “honey,” “hot dog,” “horse,” “jelly,” “lawn,” “mascot,” “mistress,” “nail,” “party,” “novelty,” “opinion,” “paper,” “princess,” “rabbit,” “rare,” “rooster,” “sausage,” “sand,” “sculpture,” “sunshine,” “smoke,” “spice,” “sweat,” “surprise,” “swamp,” “tea,” and “toothbrush.”

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