How to get the most out of your dollar shave club membership

Dollar Shave Club members can get a free shave with their first membership, and they can also get a complimentary shave with a full dollar, if they get in for a week.

The deal is available until March 6.

Read moreHere’s how you can sign up for the membership:Make a reservation on their website and make sure you check in online.

You can choose to get a shave in person, or to bring your own razor.

If you get a razor, you’ll be required to wear it and the club will pay for the shave itself.

You’ll get a discount on your first shave, but the shave will last only 30 minutes.

You’ll have to pay for anything you use, including any food you eat, if you don’t have it in your cart.

Shaving in the club is free, but memberships cost $25 to $35.

You can get both a dollar and a half.

You don’t need to bring a razor to a shave.

Here’s the complete list of Dollar Shaving Club perks:If you’re new to the club, here’s how to sign up:Make your reservation online, but you’ll need to check in at least 48 hours in advance.

Make sure you bring your credit card.

Make an appointment for a shave that is in your own name.

If your appointment is cancelled, you won’t be charged.

Shave a full $20.

Get a free dollar with a new Dollar Shaves Club membership.

You have to use the same razor.

If you don.t have a Dollar Shaved Club membership, you can pay a $15 membership fee per month.

If that’s too expensive for you, you may be able to get it for $5.

You also get access to the membership site, where you can browse the club’s products and choose from the group of products available.

The membership is valid for two years.

You may be asked to provide a credit card number for payment.

The club will contact you once you’ve made your membership payment.

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