Why we’re going to Disney World next year

The Disney theme park is expected to open its next major expansion next year, according to Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger.

Iger told CNBC that the theme park will be the biggest in the world and that it will be an experience that will bring people together.

IGER: It will be a brand-new park that will open in 2021.

I think the next Disney theme parks, and it’s just a really great example of what Disney is about, will be spectacular.

It will open up the park.

We’re going from four million visitors in 2020, to four million in 2021, to six million in 2022, to eight million in 2023, to 10 million in 2024, to 11 million in 2025, to 12 million in 2030, to 14 million in 2050, to 16 million in 2100.

So, I think we’re doing a really good job of it, and the company’s going to have a great, wonderful future.

The first thing I think is we have to have the theme parks open, I’m going to say that very explicitly.

I’m looking forward to doing that.

We’ll have a new theme park, and then the next one will open.

The next one is the biggest, the best, the most spectacular.

The best.

I mean, I would say the best.

It’s the biggest theme park in the country.

And we’re just in the beginning stages of it.

We have a brand new park, we’re very excited about that park, it’s going well, we have great new experiences.

I want to talk a little bit about the dancing dolls.

The new dance dolls, which are coming out this year, will allow guests to play with dolls, and that’s going really well, I mean it’s great.

We’ve been talking to them about it for a couple of months.

I would love to see it open, and I know that it’s in a park that we’re building, and they have great ideas about that.

The Disney brand has always been about fun, but there’s no better example than this.

I know the brand is a very emotional one, but I think that when you’ve had kids, they want to be able to see these amazing moments, and their mom has to do that, so we’re excited about this, and this is a brand that will allow for that.

And I’m excited to see them get their own little dance doll.

You know, the dolls will have special skills, and you’ll see these dolls and they’ll be able do that for you, so it’s a great thing.

It’ll be great.

You’ll see that, and when you go out to the park, they’ll have something that will give you a little push, you know, they’re really fun.

They’re really cool.

You can do all kinds of things with the dolls, they can be a walking stick, they have a little paddle, and other things.

I can see the next generation of the dolls being something that they will want to have.

The dancing dolls are coming.

So we’re looking forward, I will say that, to doing all kinds, of exciting things, but at the same time, it won’t be a park for everybody.

It won’t just be for the families that have children.

We want to do things that we think are fun, and people will have the ability to do those things.

We do that all the time.

We put the dancing doll into the park with the first Disney princess.

We did the princesses, they were so different.

So this is kind of a little change for them.

The princesses were all great.

They all had this kind of magic.

So I think it’s important that you are excited, and we will make sure that people are excited.

We are really looking forward.

And then the other thing that I want you to know is that we will continue to have some of the best experiences for people in our parks and on our parks, including the Disney theme, and all the rest of the park experiences.

So if you’re in Orlando and you want to come out and see the new Mickey Mouse House, the new Jungle Cruise, and some of our other new experiences, we want to make sure you can do that.

So you’ll have those great experiences.

If you’re at Disneyland and you’re there for the opening weekend, you’re going be able try all the new experiences and we are excited about it.

I will tell you that this is going to be an amazing experience for everyone, we are looking forward for that, we’ll do everything we can to make it great.

But that’s a big part of the brand.

So it’s really going to come down to what we’re able to do for you.

If we’re not able to give you the best experience, and if we can’t do it for you at a certain time, that’s okay.

If that’s the case, I really want you out there

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