Waukesha, WI, woman charged with trying to sell dolls of ‘Waukeshia’

Waukegan, WI (AP) A Wauokegan woman was arrested and charged with attempting to sell fake silicone dolls of “Waukehia” at a Walmart in the Wisconsin city of Wauchula.

Wauchella police say the suspect was seen on surveillance video at the store on Aug. 28 selling at least two of the dolls.

It was not immediately clear how the dolls were made.

Police say they found an online ad for “Wooley,” a toy created by Waukeesha resident and actress Lauren Woodman, that was also purchased by the suspect.

A police affidavit says Woodman and her friend found the doll and tried to sell it on eBay.

The affidavit says the suspect, who is a former Waukeegan resident, said she was trying to raise money to help raise funds for her two daughters.

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