How to get rid of $100,000 doll that fell out of a closet

An angelica rugrat doll that was found in the closet of a $100-million home in California was found to be $100 million, according to the home’s owner.

The doll, which has not been identified, was found Friday in the home of former beauty queen and actress Angelica Ruggrats, who has not returned a call for comment.

Ruggrats is a model and an actor.

She has been living in a Los Angeles home since November 2016, when she was arrested for prostitution and was sentenced to two years in jail.

The Santa Monica, Calif., woman said in a statement Saturday that she is devastated by the news of the doll’s discovery.

Rugrats said she was “devastated” by the discovery and that she was planning to keep the doll for a year.

The Los Angeles Police Department said in an online statement that it is aware of the discovery.

It said Ruggars daughter, Lylea, had been notified and is expected to be in the house.

Lylea Ruggares father, Richard Ruggats, said in the statement that he was relieved to hear that the doll had been found and is hopeful that his daughter is safe.

The doll, Ruggaris daughter, has been reunited with her father.

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