‘Trucker’ doll is a perfect way to show affection for a child

TEXAS – A new doll designed to show “respect” for a toddler is set to go on sale at Target.

The doll, a Trucker, is a baby face with a cute personality, according to Target.

Truckers can be purchased online or at Target stores across the country.

Truckers are seen in this Aug. 18, 2015 file photo.

The dolls have a smiling face and a smiling personality, the Target spokeswoman said in a statement.

The Trucker doll comes with a personality tag, and it will be available online starting Friday.

The new doll, designed by Tami Zadak and her husband, will be sold in Target stores.

The doll is about 7 inches tall and is made of plastic.

The company also said the doll can be customized with the doll’s personality tag.

The Toys”R”Us Trucker and the Trucker Mini doll are available for pre-order at Target locations nationwide.

The first Trucker was made in October.

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