‘It was a very dark night’: A former colleague describes the night when he was shot dead by police

Police officers at a West End nightclub in Melbourne were on high alert the night of February 15 when a shooting erupted.

Key points: Police fired into the crowd as they tried to arrest a man suspected of being involved in the shooting The shooting happened at a nightclub on the Gold Coast in Melbourne’s westThe gunman was shot multiple times by police before he was taken into custody, his mother saysThe gunman is survived by a mother, father and two brothers who have not been identifiedThe man was identified as 37-year-old Matthew J. Smith, of the Goldfields, who was shot by police at a Melbourne nightclub in the early hours of February 14.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Police said Mr Smith had been “actively involved in a criminal offence” and that the man who shot him was in custody.

“Police are not commenting on the circumstances of the incident as they are an ongoing investigation,” a spokesman said in a statement.

The Goldfields nightclub was open for business at the time of the shooting.

It’s understood that the shooting occurred at the Gold Fields nightclub after a crowd had gathered for a night of dancing and music.

“It was the end of the night, the police had been called in to assist the public,” a friend of Mr Smith told ABC News.

“There was a young woman in the crowd, she was just getting dressed and the shots rang out, there was a loud bang and there was blood everywhere.”

Police have not confirmed whether the gunman was the man they arrested earlier that night, but his mother said he was in her arms and her son was still breathing.

“I was with my son when he got shot,” she said.

“He was still alive when he went into the ambulance, he was unconscious when they got to the ambulance.”

His mother was still in there.”‘

The man who was shooting at the club was not my son’Police confirmed the man was arrested in relation to the shooting and that they were still investigating.”

We’re investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting,” a spokesperson said.

The shooting took place just hours after another man, a former colleague of Mr Johnson’s, was shot in the leg at the same Goldfields venue.

Police were called to the Goldfield venue after a disturbance on February 13.”

They arrived on scene and found a man who had been shot at a Goldfields club,” a statement from Victoria Police read.”

Officers arrested a man on the scene and transported him to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for treatment.””

He is currently in stable condition,” the statement added.

Mr Johnson, from the Brisbane suburb of Geelong, was on holiday with his family when he received the news.”

Mr Johnson’s family said he had recently become a father and was not at home.””

I just felt like I was at home with my family.”

Mr Johnson’s family said he had recently become a father and was not at home.

“My son’s not at school, my mum’s not working, my brother’s not home and the police came and arrested him,” he added.

“And he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Mr Smith was a member of the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), which was also on duty that night.

He has been described as a “professional and committed paramedic” by his family, who said he would be missed.

“Our thoughts are with his mother and the family of the deceased, especially the young woman,” his brother, Stephen Johnson, told ABC radio.

“At the moment it’s a very difficult time for us, it’s hard for us to believe that he’s been taken away and the whole community is upset.”


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