Coraline Doll: The ultimate $20,000 luxury watch

A coraline doll that is so expensive that you can’t even afford it.

The toy’s creator is asking the public to donate to her cause and is even selling a limited edition of 100.

The doll’s creator says she wants to help raise awareness for the $1 billion coral reef restoration effort, but her own life circumstances have also made it difficult.

“The coral reef is the biggest source of pollution in the world and I want to help it, but at the same time I’m a single parent, I have a big job and I’m struggling to pay the bills,” Ms Kallstrom said.

“So I thought it was a really good idea to do something for the coral reef.”

I’ve got a lot of other toys I want me to have, I really want to see them go.

“It’s kind of the ultimate luxury watch.”

Ms Kallquist has made her fortune in the toy industry and her work has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.

She has also been featured in the Australian Museum and has been on Australian TV.

“We have all seen the amazing things we’ve made and it’s all thanks to you,” Ms Kersten said.

She says her toy collection is now more than 10,000 pieces, with many more to come.

“That’s so much work.

It’s the work that I want, it’s the time I want it, it makes me happy,” Ms Kimsten said, adding that she hopes to continue working to raise awareness of the reef and the need to preserve it.

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